Saratoga Shorts

A City Council meeting, albeit an abbreviated one, will apparently be staged Tuesday night at City Hall, as per an email sent out by the city late Monday. Council meetings are regularly held the first and third Tuesday of the month. The agenda may be viewed HERE. More cookie-cutters for Malta: Construction workers recently broke ground on hundreds of new apartments near the GlobalFoundries computer chip plant in Malta, signaling the first phase of a 511-unit apartment community project located off Route 9. The garden apartments, townhouses and condominiums will be available starting next fall. The homes will rent for $1,300 to $2,200 a month, depending on size, reports the Times Union.

A documentary titled Women of ’69 Unboxed will be staged next month at the Adult & Senior Center of Saratoga. Blurbage: This documentary uses college yearbook photos of some 370 young women–as a window looking back on the journey of a generation reluctant to grow up. Now, many are turning 65, hearing the clock tick louder, ruminating on their heartaches and triumphs, evaluating their legacy. If their parents were the Greatest Generation, these women, the point of the spear of modern feminism, were perhaps the Loudest.

The event takes place 3 p.m. Jan. 20 at the Adult & Senior Center of Saratoga, 5 Williams St. Phone: (518) 584-1621

A Parent University program titled "Dealing with Childhood Anxiety,” will be held 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 6 at Division Street Elementary School. Parent, guardians and community members are invited to attend this program. Dr. Randy Cale, a licensed psychologist and parenting expert, will share his knowledge, experience, and practical advice about parenting. For more information, email: