Saratoga Man's Springsteen Experience Goes Viral

A note written by a local man to his daughters’ school district - to explain that their tardiness was due to attending Monday night’s Bruce Springsteen concert in Albany - has gone viral. Patrick Pipino, co-owner of Ben & Jerry’s on Phila Street, took his daughters Isabelle, 12, and Sarah, 7, to the concert. Both are huge fans of Springsteen, Pipino told ABC News.

The note reads: This may not seem like a good excuse, but have you ever wondered how many kids would be late - or miss school outright - if God were to suddenly appear?

Pipino’s wife is a schoolteacher in the district. “The odds of me being divorced by 5 p.m. are 50:50,” he joked on his Facebook page. “Any takers for a fat, over the hill, buck toothed, failed comedian? Ice cream is included.”

Patrick Pipino's letter

Isabelle's favorite Springsteen song is "Lonesome Day." Here is Springsteen rehearsing the song prior to a TV performance in 2002


Sarah's favorite song by The Boss is "American Land." Here’s a live version from 2012