Notes from the Internet

A man walked into Northshire Bookstore this week, harassed store employees and announced he was embarking on a mission to close the store down. Why?

“He is upset because we have a Qur'an on display in the store,” store co-owner Chris Morrow said, in a posting on the bookstore’s Facebook page. “He has threatened to, ‘do everything he can to put us out of business.’ He verbally abused two of our staff yesterday and has started internet rumors that we are closing.”

The bookstore response continues below:

In case our view on what we carry is not clear, let me explain - we are a bookstore that carries books of all types, of all political spectra, all religions, and all varieties. We exist to provide education, entertainment, and inspiration without bias. If terrorism succeeds in closing our minds off, terrorism has succeeded. No more shots need to be fired. If we are so insecure in our own basic goodness and faith that we can't tolerate, let alone appreciate, the display of "other," in whatever form, then we are terrorists ourselves; we are fighting jihad against the very open society that our country's founders fought so hard to establish.

In case you missed it - here's something we posted on our Facebook page this week. A lot of people seemed to like it. What do you think about something like this to liven up the gloomy winter architecture a bit?

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