Historic Village Revisits Zoning Plan

Officials in Schuylerville gathered Wednesday night to decide how to best move forward to implement a village zoning plan. The village had previously spent approximately $50,000 to create a plan, but after two years of review and three public hearings, that proposal was struck down by a 3-2 vote in 2011. This time around, a majority of the trustees appear to be on board with adopting the regulations, albeit in a modified form. The plan is to go through the 2011 proposal, “line-by-line and tweak it,” said Trustee Jim Miers. The board acknowledged some expenses would be incurred, although a specific dollar amount was not discussed. The board is seeking village residents willing to volunteer their time and review the plan with members of the board. Those interested are asked to contact the village office at 35 Spring Street/ Route 29.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Schuylerville Chamber of Commerce President Dave Roberts proposed Schuylerville look beyond its village boundaries and spearhead a “River District” zoning scheme that would include additional communities sharing the 12871 zip code and perhaps stretch as far as Northumberland. Developing a joint zoning plan among the varied municipalities could help the eastern-center section of Saratoga County to “again become the vibrant engine of progress it once was,” Roberts said. The Roberts proposal was favorably received by the board, with members expressing an interest in wanting to know more about how such a multi-jurisdictional plan would be implemented, although seemingly intent on working to adopt a village plan first and later finding ways to incorporate that plan into a scheme that would include other communities.

Last year, discount retailer Dollar General announced plans to build a 9,300-square-foot store on Route 29 at the western edge of the village. The announcement prompted an interest among village officials to revisit a potential zoning plan. The Board will next meet at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 3 at Village Hall.

The 2011 zoning code draft may be downloaded here.