City Explores Existing Zoning Laws - Seeks Public Input

We first reported in October about the city embarking on a project to update and revise existing city zoning code and subdivision regulations. That process is now underway. The project - called the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) – is by definition a tool which combines traditional zoning, subdivision regulations and other development standards into one reference document. The intent is to eliminate conflicting code provisions, help streamline the review and approval process, and clarify steps and requirements.

A forum was staged in October, and city staff and stakeholder interviews conducted through November. The first public workshop is slated to take place in January.

The input for the UDO is being collected from several “stakeholder groups,” including the Chamber of Commerce, Sustainable Saratoga, local developers, Saratoga Plan, and others. According to those overseeing the UDO process, interested local neighborhood groups should come forward, as there isn’t always a comprehensive list of who they are.

This weekend, Maureen Curtin, on behalf of residential homeowners, sent an email to say new zoning laws rewritten will have a major impact on: land use in neighborhoods, affecting local homeowners in residential neighborhoods throughout the city. Curtin is hoping to coordinate a meeting between homeowners and Behan Planning (consultant on the project), and is interested in hearing from other homeowners who are interested in attending such a meeting. She may be reached at: Learn more about Saratoga UDO here: