Code Blue gets boost, seeks your help; Saratoga gets top ranking - but there's a catch; Local dog has its day

Saratoga’s emergency shelter got a much needed boost this week in the organization’s efforts to comply with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s order to protect homeless individuals from inclement winter weather when temperatures decline to 32 degrees or below. Code Blue Saratoga, which opens on an emergency basis, currently has protocols in place when temperatures dip to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This week, the United Way of the Greater Capital Region presented the Saratoga shelter with an $8,000 check and initiated a $32,000 overall fund-raising drive to help the local shelter meet Cuomo’s directive for the balance of the winter.

One hundred percent of donations to the fund will go directly to the cause, and any funds leftover will be forwarded for use next fall. Donations for Code Blue Saratoga may be made at

A minimum of 22 volunteers staff the emergency shelter on any given night. More help is needed and anyone interested in volunteering at the shelter may go to:

The Code Blue shelter works under the auspices of Shelters of Saratoga with a goal of transitioning people from the emergency shelter to the temporary housing provided by SOS and then into positions of employment and their own homes. Last year, 10 people successfully transitioned through the system. “They went on to jobs and to getting their lives back on track,” said Mike Finocchi, Executive Director Shelters of Saratoga.

Inside Code Blue Saratoga

Dollar General, who looked to purchase nearly 94 acres just off Exit 16 of the Northway, will not be pursuing an option to build a $92 million distribution center in Wilton, reports the Times Union. The news comes despite an offer to the discount retailer for $11 million in tax breaks and economic incentives. No explanation was provided.

Spa City Ranked Among Top Ten Best Places to Retire in NY! Beware the exclamation point. You will see a variety of happy polls appear during the course of the year and finding their way into any number of places, but, either through complete laziness, or selective click-through reasoning, they fail to give you the full picture. In this case, the same pollsters who determined Saratoga a happy place to retire (Saratoga Springs ranked in at number six and Ballston Spa ranked number two!) also gave Saratoga an F grade (as in Fail) for comparatively scoring tax value rankings. So, yay, a happy place to retire. As long as you don’t have to pay taxes. The lesson = reader beware.

Congrats to Holster, an Australian shepherd and the Greenwich, N.Y. community from whence it came, breezing through obstacles to take top honors in the 2016 Westminster Masters Agility Championship . (h/t to David Doonan)